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With Kronoswiss' EXQUISIT collection, you can bring classic charm into your own home – coupled with the numerous advantages of a modern and high-quality laminate flooring. EXQUISIT radiates cosiness every day with the naturalness and appearance of solid wood. Thanks to the embossed grain, the floor is an elegant and authentic experience, both visually and haptically. Last but not least, the milled V-groove underlines the natural impression and creates a look that resembles that of a good old plank floor.


  • Structure

    These panels have a special surface structure.

    V4 - all the way round

    These panels are equipped with a 45° bevelled edge all around. When joined together, a V-groove is created, which conveys a natural solid wood plank character.

    Clic System

    A 5G snap-together system makes the flooring even easier to install.Optimised JointsThicker laminate flooring panels also have thicker CLIC snap-together joints.

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